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Report 2006-10-25
Submitted by marcin on Thu 26-Oct-2006

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Well, this page will be short...

New Gammu is ready. Included all known bugfixes, updated SMS source and some other. has got MediaWiki upgraded to 1.8.x tree. Almost everything (all extensions, functions, etc.) is updated. Please report, if there are any problems with it...

And now words, which were planned for this report:

And now we're going into wall. Current Series 40 phones save SMS as filesystem files. Gammu doesn't allocate memory for it dynamically. It means - if you have more SMS in phone, you will have problem with Gammu. I have increased this limit into 600 SMS (this is how many I have in phone now :-)). Changing it would need rewriting (too) many parts.

Getting SMS works OK in Gammu+ (memory allocated dynamically). But here I have problem - without fflush on stdout part of output from --getallsms is lost. I don't have idea why... Anybody could help me in debugging ? I would go into D-BUS (Linux Bluetooth) then...

The most interesting, that Michal Cihar some time ago didn't see good reason, why there is new project (Gammu+) required. Michal, do you see now ?

I saw already comments about them in Michal's blog. This is a lot of truth in them, but from the second hand - I have learned many new things and a lot was changed inside cellular phones since Gammu start. Now with fresh project I can play a lot and search for better solutions... In my current life I use Series 40 phone (I was explaining it in previous report) and almost all main things are covered. So, I can play with new solutions... And I will be very happy, if somebody will show me some better coding methods than my own...