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Report 2006-06-05
Submitted by marcin on Tue 06-Jun-2006

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  • like Michal notified here Gammu tarball is bigger than 1 MB :-)
  • Michal wants to rewrite Wammu - read here about this project future
  • Gammu is more and more popular - I have aded few new links for projects, scripts, descriptions, etc.
  • There is finally run Mantis on Use it for reporting Gammu/Gammu+ bugs. You can report bug, upload files, etc.
  • main targets for now:
    • Gammu now: implementing all gnapplet things, ending all past issues, ending Series 40 3rd edition support (based on N6111, not 6233 like planned earlier)
    • Gammu in the future: extending gnapplet, getting Series 60 3rd edition phone and trying compiling gnapplet there
    • Gammu+ now: SMSD, implementing gnapplet
    • now: ending phones database (users login, adding comments, etc.)
    • other: passing all things for studies (still few things and days) and getting 64 bit CPU ;-)
  • I though a lot about synchronisation issues too - I think, that at least Gammu+ should inform user about, which (phonebook, calendar, etc.) details were correctly added, which not


20060605 - 1.06.30
[!] In 6230i 3.70 after saving to "Outbox" (from PC) SMS is not visible in
    phone menu, PC side and use phone memory place. We added protection
    against it and saving to 0x1A folder is no more possible. Bug can exist
    in other new Nokias too.
[!] SMS with "simple quote" can stop SMSD. For now fix for    (Julien Lirochon)
[+] support for ICS files (Mozilla calendar)                           (Markus)
[+] Series 60 1st and 2nd edition:
    * calendar (getting) - support for start/end/alarm time, recurrance,
      texts, no support for synchronisation parameter
    * todo (getting) - support for text, priority, no support for due date
      and done/not done
    * sms - support for getting sms status, getting and sending non working
      (this is issue reported by gnapplet users working with other than
      Gammu projects too)
    * there is checked gnapplet version during Gammu communication startup
[*] gnapplet source synchronised with sis file (0.6.12)
[-] fixed configure error with bluegnapbus (1.06.15 bug)        (Gabor Z. Papp)
[-] fix for --deletesms and folder handling
[-] changes in debug system                               (Radoslaw Stachowiak)

Excluding VCALENDAR and VCARDS (changed because of ICS) all functions should work rather good. If nothing new will happen, I should release 1.07.00 in June.