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Report 2006-11-12
Submitted by marcin on Sun 12-Nov-2006

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  • it looks, that communication between me and Michal is done more using blogs than emails now. It's good and bad.
  • I have released new Gammu+ and started making some [[GPlus:Internals|initial developer docs]]. Generally I must say, that I agree with some Michal's comments - there can be some things still improved internally in this project, but please note that I don't have very big C++ experience and I don't have time for some plays. If you want, please send me patches - I will apply with pleasure. Even now Gammu+ gives much more possibilities (it can look as C -> C++ conversion only, but it's not exactly the truth) and I will work on it. It's already available, not "virtual". I know, that some people will maybe don't like licensing, but...
  • new test Gammu - I will probably wait few days for some Michal's patches for SE. If something is poor implemented, I will be happy, that it was fixed...
  • I have put compiled for win32 test Gammu (here) and test Gammu+ (here) into my server