Report 2006-10-06
Submitted by marcin on Sat 07-Oct-2006

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  • Gammu 1.08.07 is out
    • I would like to announce with pleasure, that I have started rewriting and completing Series 40 3.0 SMS reading. Many things are still magic, but you have at least much more info now...
    • GCC 4 is hacked for now (no warnings)
    • updated translations and license
    • added some bugfixes
    • included improved Mozilla support. It will be reviewed by me now and all fixes to it will be in next test release...
  • Gammu+ - almost ready new release. Expect it soon.
  • - I will reactivate Licenses link on left side soon...
  • as you probably notified, I have described very many details various problems/tips for [[HydePark:Nx6325|HP NX6325 series notebooks]]. This is quite good 64 bit platform, but not at all. Based on own/friends experiences.
  • I still think about buying:
    • N6233
    • MS Vista (it will be available for companies this year and maybe somebody could buy legally for me license/OEM license; if not, it will be dropped for next year)
  • ...but after today university day I see, that my diploma work won't be so easy and I will need to work less (I don't speak about Gammu/Gammu+, but rather about sitting in office, where I was making things during few last months). It means - no money and probably only buying one thing from previous point will be possible (after selling some my personal things).