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Report 2006-07-25
Submitted by marcin on Wed 26-Jul-2006

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Content moved from blog

  • Gammu 1.07.15 has been released today - it contains various fixes, improvements for new models, filesystem, etc. I also spent a lot of time on Symbian.
    • I moved content of Gammu:FAQ to other subpages. This is another step into making one big logic structure.
    • another one of my "old" Nokia pages moved to this Wiki - this one contains Nokia keypad codes
    • after uploading 1.07.15 I had rather not too nice surprise - my scripts for reading versions from RSS went crazy. I changed them fast, but the problem seems to be opened - how to read HTTP file in PHP with possibility of breaking after some maximal time (in other words: how to make script, which will go into other tasks, when reading need too much time)
    • my mood - much better after reading (I'm happy, that server was changed and I hope, that current is better)
  • my time - probably busy to end of this week (I'm ending one big project), I don't know how in August (I wanted to work more on GSM things then, but...they are not profitable for me in this moment and I have enough promises and probably I will have to go to other tasks - something like in July).
  • soon future
    • Gammu - Symbian, maybe Motorola, I promised CA42 and ending old things and I will try to make it step by step
    • Gammu+ - new release soon (planned filesystem and reporting, which calendar/pbk features in entries were restored to phone and which not), maybe will have it tested enough for end of next week. I plan to change version numbering for it (it will be the same to Gammu)

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