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Report 2006-04-18
Submitted by marcin on Wed 19-Apr-2006

English blog

Content moved from blog

  • 2 April - Gammu in Debian (hurray !)
  • 13 April - lost. There is registered instead
  • 18 April - Gammu 1.06.00 released. I have done many small steps inside:
    20060418 - 1.06.00
    [!] No more There is instead. We release
        this version as 1.06.00, because we want force people to upgrade
    [+] Some new texts in Polish localisation (Tomek Fizyk)
    [*] SMSD DB updated to version 6. There should be "real" UTF8 used now
        and less problems with MySQL 5 (of course, PHP and SMSD updated too)
    [*] New method of informing about changes in ChangeLog:
        [!] Important
        [+] New functionality
        [*] Changes in existing functionality
        [-] Fixed error
    [*] gammu.txt -> gammu.htm (from Wiki, currently temporary version)
    [*] readme.txt redirects to wiki
    [*] new functions for utf8
    [-] * Fix, when config file not available (Michal Cihar)
    [-] * Fix for SMSD
    [-] * as there are architectures where char is unsigned by
          default, for SMS->Class we need to explicitly use signed one
          (it is set/compared for -1)
    [-] * avoid error in configure when rpm is not installed
    [-] * second changes type used for length to size_t, which is big enough
          to hold possible pointer size
    [-] improved vcf restoring

    The same with - there are many small things changed especially inside wiki.

  • near future - I hope to end SMS for Gammu+ to end of April, I should end main changes too. I hope, that wiki will explain many software issues then.

Few more issues: There are many emails about cables and new phones. But what can I do without them ? And what should I do after ending SMS for Gammu+ ? How earn money ? Symbian ? Will I have enought time for making everything planned inside my favourite projects ? I will see :-D