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Report 2007-01-03
Submitted by marcin on Wed 03-Jan-2007

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Some words about future...


Next test release - this week/weekend. What will be next in this project, depends mainly on Michal Cihar.


I'm working on real MMS decoder (this moved from Gammu is not too good). Can anyone send me as many example MMS as possible ? (I know, I know, that there are some softwares for creating, but this is not the same...) It will be treat confidential and not published.

I have started MMS viewer too (GUI already can work without phone).

For now I must do such things before next test release:

  • application can make memory cache for pbk, sms/mms folders. this is already working and many operations are really fast. But API for sms/mms folders can be joined with cache for filesystem. And I must do this last thing.
  • I have already done separate reading SMS/MMS (from single folders) for Series 40 3.0, this functionality for other generations wait for making.
  • end MMS issues
  • end Series 40 3.0 pbk features

Next release - probably next week.


  • 0.16.0 - stable API for SMS, reading MMS, GUI can make majority things for pbk, sms, mms, filesystem
  • 0.17.0 - GUI can do pbk, calendar restore, maybe full calendar display
  • 0.18.0 - API for notes, todo
  • 0.19.0 (March, April ?) - starting editing things in GUI... and starting work on full Linux port


Many things for diploma work done. No views for work and I have poor student life. I observe, that nobody is interested in my projects now too (no such popularity, which will force MS to send me Acer laptop :-(( ).

From other things: my computer was measured to 2,3 point in Vista. I will want to buy version for commercial use, when will have money (current one is from MSDNAA).