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Report 2007-03-05
Submitted by marcin on Mon 05-Mar-2007

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Few new things:

  • I'm thinking a little about last wiki change about hacking... it looks to be stupid joke, but...
  • new Gammu+ will be available during this week. it won't have Linux support, because my Internet connection is too slow to download all Debian packages and I will have to buy some distribution in free moment... But the good news is, that it will have Notes, ToDo and some other...
  • I'm starting thinking about Symbian 6.x - 8.x support (because I don't have access to Symbian 9.x phone). I have made first steps connected with installing programming tools and other... Generally (because Gammu+ is going fast into point, where will have 99% of really usefull things) it looks, that I will have a lot of time for Series 60 soon...
  • I started testing Windows Longhborn Server too. Better than Vista ;-)
  • I'm thinking of preparing an article about successes and failures in Gammu...
  • I hope, that my computer won't go into service soon :-(