Report 2007-09-29
Submitted by marcin on Sun 30-Sep-2007

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hmmmm, many various notes:

  • I have upgraded Wiki. Unfortunately, during process few notes from it were deleted.
  • I have released new Gammu+. I'm working on making it more and more stable and useable (for example this release brings initial EMS support and support for Siemens SMS). I think also about writing Linux drivers too. For now Linux users have new --readmmsfile like in Gammu. I hope, that people will start helping me in development and/or will want to donate it. Please note, that currently for Nokia is has majority of features available...
  • I have downloaded Gammu-1.13.91.tar.gz. In each directory you have CMakeLists.txt. When I make "cmake ." on root, I receive new 11 makefiles in root in few in Gammu. And none of them works... I'm asking myself - maybe it's time to return to project and create own package ?
  • Microsoft increased time of live for Windows XP OEM. Hmm, interesting especially when you will look into blog from Jesper Johansson's blog and read words "How many lost sales of Microsoft's Media Center software and Windows Vista has it caused because the DRM sub-system randomly decides that you must be a criminal?"
  • I have made some changes in my root related to computer. I hope, I will work more productive now...