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Report 2007-11-11
Submitted by marcin on Sun 11-Nov-2007

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Gammu+ 0.37 is ready. What can I say ?

For example: you can make MMS receiving gateway with it now (tested on 6111).

It's very close from the state, where will be rock stable, fast and will have support for all important functions. I estimate, that I will reach it in December.

And what next ? I'm not sure. I have read about Nokia reactions for info about breaking Series 60 security. I'm not sure, if they will love software, which is faster/smaller/better than their own PC Suite.

Anyway, if you have Series 40 device, you can make backup/restore...and this works much better than with PC Suite. When I look on all these people, who are using it, I'm very happy (helping people is big fun !) and in the same time not (I see, that many people make own big businesses on it and don't give even 5 cents for extending this project). This software also helped Nokia a lot (I know about at least few people, who bough many devices because they had some functionalities only with them). Unfortunately, big problem is that Nokia didn't publish very officially some infos about Series 40 yet...

When I look about future - I'm very unhappy, that there is still no excellent Series 40 device available. Current models are bricks or have big SAR values or don't have UMTS. Additionally with current Series 40 you can't easy save SMS to phone and you don't have Delivery Reports for SMS sent from PC. I still also don't see such things like EMS inside... No excellent Series 60 device too. Again - bricks or there is lack of some things inside or small battery or big SAR. Additionally, Symbian OS still seems to be slow and drain fast battery.

Yes, I see additionally one important thing - people are not interested anymore in supporting Series 40 software (and it doesn't motivate me creating "art for art"). They preffer smartphones or opened solutions (for example well documented Sony Ericsson or projects like OpenMoko). What does it mean ? That Gammu/Gammu+/Gnokii will be soon for majority only unknown name (because won't support these two groups) ? This would be big shame especially when I look on efforts and help from many friends from the past (during these 9 years I found cheaters, but happily there were more some really excellent people, who wanted to give something from real hearth like bug report, dump from transmission, coding help, donation or something else)....

As you see, I write about different issues today. I will start another one - on I see more and more often "Microsoft thinking" (we should patent everything, we should encrypt everything and check users' actions on each step). Currently, when you update Nokia firmware, you can't download it like notebook's BIOS and simply upload. You have to open SSL connection and exchange unknown data with Nokia servers (of course, I believe company, but...). This makes my big doubts on it too, what will be in the future. I think, that we can get state, when Nokia sales will start going down. And I'm afraid, that they can start hunting for "hackers" (starting from easy targets)...