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What is HTML5 ? (2013)
Submitted by marcin on Wed 12-Jun-2013

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Firefox OS shows, that current version of HTML is 4.01 and version 5 is in draft only...but in the same time everybody is proving compliance with it. Big fun...that we're all using beta version of something and we're happy from it :)

In mean time I have resolved some jQuery/jQuery Mobile issues and currently you can search inside Przepisy Drogowe and make various things.... there are still some issues with it, but they're connected with HTML (HTML5 ?) problems - you don't have frameset, iframe doesn't allow to use % (I have used it, but....), you can't easy scroll to some place before page is displayed, etc.

Anyway, new www, Tizen and Firefox OS versions for Przepisy Drogowe were released - some immediately (www), some are waiting for certification second week (Firefox OS), some will be probably displayed, when shop will start (Tizen).