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Report 2006-06-05

Content moved from gammu.org blog

  • like Michal notified here Gammu tarball is bigger than 1 MB :-)
  • Michal wants to rewrite Wammu - read here about this project future
  • Gammu is more and more popular - I have aded few new links for projects, scripts, descriptions, etc.

Report 2006-05-21

Content moved from gammu.org blog

I would like to pronounce new MileStone release:

20060521 - 1.06.15
[+] new -smsname for --savesms
[+] partial support for decoding EMS text formatting
[+] 6170/7270 ID                                                      (unknown)
[+] Series 60 1 and 2 devices:
    * added compiled gnapplet 0.6.12 (and source 0.6.2)
    * new connection "bluerfgnapbus"/model "gnap" (stable) and new
      connection "irdagnapbus"/model "gnap" (experimental) for communication
    * implemented:
      * identification
      * getting phone time

Report 2006-05-17

Content moved from gammu.org blog

It's time to speak about short and long time roadmap for now:

  1. up to 10-15 June I have a lot of work for studies. I'm generally free after it. I'm sending my CV for many companies now, because in time June - September I have to work (I would like to do something connected with coding). I don't plan to drop development then. It can happen only, if I will not find work.

Report 2006-04-29

Content moved from gammu.org blog

Long weekend in Poland, a lot of time... I have finally found time to play with gammu.org and software.

First few words about site:

  • it's partially reorganized according to my vision. I have see also some efforts from other people about entering new content into wiki. This is good.

Report 2006-04-18

Content moved from gammu.org blog

  • 2 April - Gammu in Debian (hurray !)
  • 13 April - Gammu.net lost. There is registered Gammu.org instead
  • 18 April - Gammu 1.06.00 released. I have done many small steps inside:
    20060418 - 1.06.00
    [!] No more gammu.net. There is gammu.org instead. We release
        this version as 1.06.00, because we want force people to upgrade
    [+] Some new texts in Polish localisation (Tomek Fizyk)
    [*] SMSD DB updated to version 6. There should be "real" UTF8 used now

I have problems with GPRS Online in my Nokia phone (Series 40, not Symbian)

In first Nokia phones with GPRS (like 8310, 6310, 6310i, 6510, 3510 and maybe some other) phone was able to display "G" char instead of char displayed below network level. It was clear, that phone is in continuous GPRS session and downloading some data won't be connected with starting new session (in many networks connected with new money for operator). If phone end GPRS session after leaving WAP browser or data connection (no "G" char), it had disabled continuous GPRS sessions (it was done for example after upgrading firmware in service). Simple "gammu --nokiasetphomenus" "repaired" it.

What phone could be recommended by Gammu author(s) to make SMS gateway ?

The best is always the most simple device. So, I think that using Nokia 3310 or 3410 can be very good choice. They have removed some SMS bugs (for example, 3330 has buggy firmware - you have to flash it with 3310 firmware to avoid any problems). Especially 3410 is interesting - has got LiIon battery.

More expensive Nokia phones (with own SMS memory) are more complicated and using them is not always good idea (of course, Gammu can do it).

Report 2006-04-04

Content moved from gammu.org blog

In March there was gammu.net domain lost and Italy server not bought for next year.

I started to search new place for this www. It's located now on LiveNet.pl provider server. I payed for one month - if there won't be problems with hosting, I will continue it.

The biggest problem was with moving this Wiki. In old place database was using latin1 to UTF8 conversion, in new it doesn't work. I had to convert database to real UTF8:

  • I imported database dump to my home MySQL installation

Report 2006-02-05

Content moved from gammu.org blog

After few days in bed I have a lot of power :-D :

  1. I started making real & actual manual for command line options.It will be put in the future instead of gammu.txt into source tarball.

    From technical details: page is created from many smaller Wiki subpages. The problem is, that normally (when you try to go inside it with internal Wiki link), page doesn't contains latest versions of subpages. You have to use full external link with ''action=purge'' on end like above.


'''Firmware''' is the phone's ''operating system'', the program which allows the phone to work.

A mobile phone is really just a computer which can handle voice communications between two (or more) users, and - just like any other computer - it needs programs to work. This is called the ''firmware''.


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