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Report 2006-09-28

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  • week 18-24 September 2006 was started very good - each day=one release (18 Sep = Gammu stable, 19 Sep = Gammu+ test, 20 Sep = python-gammu, 21 Sep = Wammu)
  • I was looking deeply into earlier/currently available software and asking myself about some things. Some conclusions:
    • MyGnokii was created, because I wanted to play with owned phone. I didn't care too deeply about structures. Later I applied patches for not available for me phones (6210).
    • Gammu was created after thinking about structures.

Report 2006-09-18

Content moved from gammu.org blog

  • Gammu 1.08.00 is finally out. Small changes and fixes since 1.07.25 (for example added songs sorting with --nokiaaddplaylists, some fixes for Series 40 3.0), big changes since 1.07.00 (SMS for Series 40 3.0 and many others). I hope, I tested included changes good. If not, please report.
  • Gammu+ 0.07.00 should be available during this week (at least my developer tree).
  • I have started using more "Bug tracker"

Report 2006-08-17

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Time for new "gold ideas".

I notified, that many people stopped to believe into my work. I started analyzing last months and years. During weekend I returned into my roots too.

I though about many things.

For example, do you think, that Apple could make today own "different" computers in garage or IBM could release own opened PC ? Have you seen Apple advertisement "1984" or Steve Ballmer advertising Windows 1.x ?

Report 2006-07-30

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It was week of silence. Because of it I decided to write this report.

First I will say about facts - I was trying to explain reason of repeating Windows BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER. I had given up. Tomorrow my private PC will go to service. I hope, that they will do their job without additional problems, which are here visible in companies very often. Everything next will depend on it (especially on tomorrow day). I hope to explain some other things during this week too :-)

Report 2006-07-25

Content moved from gammu.org blog

  • Gammu 1.07.15 has been released today - it contains various fixes, improvements for new models, filesystem, etc. I also spent a lot of time on Symbian.
  • gammu.org
    • I moved content of Gammu:FAQ to other subpages. This is another step into making one big logic structure.
    • another one of my "old" Nokia pages moved to this Wiki - this one contains Nokia keypad codes

KMobileTools call for developers

Request from some developers moved here from gammu.org

KMobileTools is a userfriendly GUI for accessing your mobile phone, using an own AT based engine and a gammu engine. It offers a nice API itself and will be directly integrated into KDE's PIM stuff.

Report 2006-07-17

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Last week wasn't the best for me (when we speak about coding). First - it was horrible hot in Poland, second - I had many tasks, which had to be done first (some repairs, exchanges, making some things, etc.). Happily I have passed everything.

But now it looks, that I have (and will have) things much more stable. I updated gammu.org to MediaWiki 1.7.1, my eyes like much more new screen settings, etc. etc. I decided, that:

Report 2006-07-03

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Another report, where are some private and project things...

Report 2006-06-18

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Well, this report will be rather personal. I write it here, because it's connected with development too...

  • studies: I'm waiting for 2 results, 2 things to write (and pass)
  • work: I should (or rather: I have to) go somewhere to practise. I had company, but this is probably not actual. So, I don't have any job place for now. I will have to search again for it.
  • my private life: I have lost bicycle. Stolen.

Report 2006-06-11

Content moved from gammu.org blog

  • spammers don't like us, we will not like spammers - I will try to avoid making gammu.org good place for spam. Some first results are visible.
  • Series 40 3rd edition is much different and I will have some work with it. Some comments:


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