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11 years of mwiacek.com !

From the simple static HTML pages to PHP code and now finally to CRM created and managed content. Few important dates:

  • 14 March 1999 - first version of this page created on non-existing now free.com.pl
  • page is available under alias marcin-wiacek.topnet.pl
  • page content was published on the CD attached to the number 7/1999 of Polish Internet magazine.
  • created mirror on the fkn.pl
  • free.com.pl was closed and page finally found place on the fkn.pl

Report 2009-12-28

Few words from me... We're ending 2009 year. Some summary, plans and similar.

I was thinking a lot about developing for Maemo 5 (Nokia N900) platform. Unfortunately, in my opinion this is wasting time in this moment (or at least I can't pay for it in 100% from my money).

Report 2009-02-09

Content moved from gammu.org blog

Few notes:


Will be payed by me for next year, I will do some wiki updates soon. If you want something else, please let me know. For now you can read various notes about Windows 7 in Articles section.


I have moved 0.40.02 tarball to mwiacek.com

Report 2008-05-25

Content moved from gammu.org blog


In the time, when we have various widely commented things on the world (Olimpic Games in China, ACTA regulations about ending P2P, Microsoft Windows Vista), Gammu history still can continue (although it's difficult - see info here) and continues.

Today there was released new release 0.40 for Gammu+. It brings new important features:

  • partial support for SyncML based backups. It works without any problems for example with some Symbian devices (tested on N82).

Report 2007-12-10

Content moved from gammu.org blog

I would like to speak shortly about differences between Gammu and Gammu+ now. This will be linked from main page. This is my opinion and you don't have to agree with it...

First Gammu - released with GPL2 license is currently lead by Michal. Quite big and supporting many devices. You can have worse support in Windows than earlier and I don't like some things inside, but development goes forward. Michal will give probably also less for Nokia devices than I.

Report 2007-12-09

Content moved from gammu.org blog

Gammu+ 0.38 is out. I have added configure script, which can enable Bluez AFTER USER ACTION. You have written many times, that source after patching is GPL2 licensed. Please note, that in my opinion it doesn't break GPL2 - if you will have patched source, you can remove Bluez driver (yes, this can be very easy separated) and release source under other license:

 "If identifiable sections of that work are not derived from the Program, 

Report 2007-12-01

Content moved from gammu.org blog

  • I have put Gammu+ 0.37.30 into my download directory. It contains one important feature - enter gpl directory and execute gpl script. Source will be patches and you will have full Bluez support. I have played today with Debian and had bluephonet/bluerfphonet without any problems. It means - you can use Gammu+ in Linux with BT and irda, cable connection soon ;-) It you think, that some features should be prepared first in command line version, please let me know.

Report 2007-11-11

Content moved from gammu.org blog

Gammu+ 0.37 is ready. What can I say ?

For example: you can make MMS receiving gateway with it now (tested on 6111).

It's very close from the state, where will be rock stable, fast and will have support for all important functions. I estimate, that I will reach it in December.

And what next ? I'm not sure. I have read about Nokia reactions for info about breaking Series 60 security. I'm not sure, if they will love software, which is faster/smaller/better than their own PC Suite.

Report 2007-11-04

Content moved from gammu.org blog

And here it goes Gammu+ 0.36. Here is changelog + some my comments:

* added daemon for receiving SMS/MMS to PostgreSQL database (you have new
   --smsmmsd option in CLI, preview in GUI, PHP preview and other...)
   I have tested it on 6230i and received SMS quite good. With MMS there was
   issue - if you try to get info about mms file, when it's received, firmware
   deletes it...

Report 2007-10-28

Content moved from gammu.org blog

Gammu+ becomes much more complex: I had played last times and worked on adding database support. And here are results: daemon for receiving SMS/MMS. It's working with free PostgreSQL database.

Do you want to put your messages into it and read from www ? Yes, it's already done and will be in 0.36.

If somebody will be interested, I could work on it and add also sending SMS from www (over such daemon)


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