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NetMonitor in Nokia DCT1-DCT3 phones (part 3/7) (2002)

NetMonitor in Nokia DCT1-DCT3 phones (part 2/7) (2002)

NetMonitor in Nokia DCT1-DCT3 phones (part 1/7) (2002)

I'd like to write, that I'm not professionally connected with any cellular network or phone company. This NetMonitor guide is based on many different materials and exists thanks to the support of many different people (see Information sources). This is a guide made by user. It may lack description to some functions or contain errors and mistakes (resulting from wrong translation or my ignorance) and some strange expressions. Many questions remain unanswered. Furthermore, this page is still "under construction". Encouraging, isn't it? But that's the (sad) true: Nokia doesn't make appropriate materials available... I can only assure you, that I do my best to make this NetMonitor description as reliable and complete as possible.


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