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nx6325 (2007)

Page moved from the gammu.org... Page was updated by me before June 2007 and later updated by other people on the gammu.org (I have marked it here by italic). This is rather in IRC or blog blog than article - you have been warned ;)

Currently new/used notebooks are cheaper and cheaper. If you want something for development, something 64 bit capable, you can consider the HP NX6325. We will describe problems with this family of notebooks here and give all kinds of possible tips...


Cellular technology history (2006 - 2007)

This text was written mainly by Marcin Wiącek, one of main authors of the software presented here. Information here was written from the point of view and knowledge of a man living in Europe. It was collected from many (official and unofficial) sources and is provided only to give a more complete historical info.

This can be treat as blog, roadmap, some Nokia related story or many other things. You can choose the best interpretation here...and probably each one will be good.

MS Windows (2007)

These are my random thoughts about MS Windows for x86... IMHO, we can speak about few time periods:
198x - Windows 1.x, 2.x
1990 - Windows 3.0. First more widely accepted and used

1992 - Windows 3.1 (Janus). Only protected mode, new: True Type fonts

1993 - Windows 3.11. APM

Summary: 16-bit time. Microsoft cooperated with IBM and there was OS/2 created during this time. First tries of making graphic subsystem (there was DirectX from it created). There were first network releases (Windows for WorkGroups).

Nokia keypad codes (2006)

This page describes keypad codes in Nokia phones.

There are given numeric representation, but also codes using chars. How to read them ?

Look, where you have char on phone keypad and press numeric key connected with it. And the same for each next. Example: *efr0# = *3370#

Phone information

*#9999# *#170602112302# *#682371158412125#
*#3110# *#3810# *#5190# *#6120# *#837# *#6190# *#8110#

Why you should and why shouldn't buy Nokia phones (part 2) (2005)

I have prepared page "Why you should and why shouldn't buy Nokia phones" in 2002 year. I decided to make continuation now in 2005.

I wanted to show some weak Nokia things for Series 40 and 60 phones, because they're used the most for ordinary people.

First Series 40. We will look into menus now (based mainly on 6230i):

  • Messages - Nokia phones have MMS and SMS here.
    • Latest models (like 6230i) have even shared folders for both and this is good.

Why you should and why shouldn't buy Nokia phones (2002)

I write/update this page 21.11.2002. I decided to make this list and publish as separate subpage, because more and more people write me, that current Nokia products don't have this or other feature. I will try to show, which features are important for users and which can make problems. If you have in plans buying phone from this company, first just read this list...and don't say later, that I didn't warn...

First start from advantages of Nokia phones (why you should buy Nokia products):

    NetMonitor in Nokia DCT1-DCT3 phones (part 7/7) (2002)

    NetMonitor in Nokia DCT1-DCT3 phones (part 6/7) (2002)

    NetMonitor in Nokia DCT1-DCT3 phones (part 5/7) (2002)

    NetMonitor in Nokia DCT1-DCT3 phones (part 4/7) (2002)


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