Report 2007-03-18

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My diff file for Gammu+ became too big and I decided to release 0.21.00 faster (it doesn't have some planned things).

Few notes about this and other issues (random):

  • I'm almost happy from pbk/calendar/todo/notes quality and I almost switched my personal backups/restores from Gammu to Gammu+. This is not beta, but rather Release Candidate (when we compare to commercial packages).
  • I updated Gammu+ section and you see some more developer and user docs. In other words: see, how does it look and what profits it can give to you...

Nokia keypad codes (2006)

This page describes keypad codes in Nokia phones.

There are given numeric representation, but also codes using chars. How to read them ?

Look, where you have char on phone keypad and press numeric key connected with it. And the same for each next. Example: *efr0# = *3370#

Phone information

*#9999# *#170602112302# *#682371158412125#
*#3110# *#3810# *#5190# *#6120# *#837# *#6190# *#8110#

KMobileTools call for developers

Request from some developers moved here from

KMobileTools is a userfriendly GUI for accessing your mobile phone, using an own AT based engine and a gammu engine. It offers a nice API itself and will be directly integrated into KDE's PIM stuff.

Report 2006-06-11

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  • spammers don't like us, we will not like spammers - I will try to avoid making good place for spam. Some first results are visible.
  • Series 40 3rd edition is much different and I will have some work with it. Some comments:

Why you should and why shouldn't buy Nokia phones (part 2) (2005)

I have prepared page "Why you should and why shouldn't buy Nokia phones" in 2002 year. I decided to make continuation now in 2005.

I wanted to show some weak Nokia things for Series 40 and 60 phones, because they're used the most for ordinary people.

First Series 40. We will look into menus now (based mainly on 6230i):

  • Messages - Nokia phones have MMS and SMS here.
    • Latest models (like 6230i) have even shared folders for both and this is good.

Why you should and why shouldn't buy Nokia phones (2002)

I write/update this page 21.11.2002. I decided to make this list and publish as separate subpage, because more and more people write me, that current Nokia products don't have this or other feature. I will try to show, which features are important for users and which can make problems. If you have in plans buying phone from this company, first just read this list...and don't say later, that I didn't warn...

First start from advantages of Nokia phones (why you should buy Nokia products):

    FAQ - monitor sieci w Nokiach DCT1 - DCT3 (część 7/7) (2002)

    FAQ - monitor sieci w Nokiach DCT1 - DCT3 (część 6/7) (2002)

    FAQ - monitor sieci w Nokiach DCT1 - DCT3 (część 5/7) (2002)

    FAQ - monitor sieci w Nokiach DCT1 - DCT3 (część 4/7) (2002)


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