Report 2007-05-20

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Well, I have decided to write few words after reading Michal's blog and some other... First facts.

  • some my blog entries aren't announced and not too many people reading them (example: previous from 15 may about standards was read by about 30 people up to today)

Cellular technology history (2006 - 2007)

This text was written mainly by Marcin Wiącek, one of main authors of the software presented here. Information here was written from the point of view and knowledge of a man living in Europe. It was collected from many (official and unofficial) sources and is provided only to give a more complete historical info.

This can be treat as blog, roadmap, some Nokia related story or many other things. You can choose the best interpretation here...and probably each one will be good.

Report 2007-05-15

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My comment to :

you are generally Michal right. Well documented hardware = less problems...

But: very often people buy, what they know and what is compatible with their other hardware (like memory cards). Sometimes not well documented hardware is much better than documented. I remember times of Nokia 3310. You simply didn't have cheap and so good phone...

Report 2007-05-04

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Few facts:

    Report 2007-04-14

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    • I have upgraded to latest versions: MediaWiki to 1.9.3 and Mantis to 1.0.7. Please report any problems...
    • I have released new test Gammu+ 0.24.00: it's rather another test release, but it brings new important things like much improved phonebook support, extended cfg dialog and other (I have added screenshots). It's time to add N6288 pbk features now, end connections (DLR3, etc.), add sending linked SMS and test on various phones. And we will have first stable release...

    Report 2007-04-07

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    I was playing today with latest PC Suite from Nokia (6.83) and NSU. I decided to write few words about it...

    Installer: 23 MB, on HDD the same... It looks nice (better than earlier versions), but doesn't have too many functions and in many places you have info about DRM only (for example: why the hell does it read standard phone applets and waste user time, when few seconds later speak, that it's DRM protected ?). And in license you have a lot of info, what you can't with it...

    Report 2007-03-26

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    Gammu+ 0.22.00 available. Released, because diff file was too big ;-) Among various bugfixes and improvements I would like to notify especially, that during restoring software inform, what from pbk wasn't restored and why.

    I must say, that it's near such point, that I have everything for personal usage. For quite new phones you have:

    • pbk support (excluding caller groups, ringtones, sms lists, voice tags and few other, which are IDs for some phone memory places, everything is like in Gammu 1.09.00 or even better)

    Report 2007-03-18

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    My diff file for Gammu+ became too big and I decided to release 0.21.00 faster (it doesn't have some planned things).

    Few notes about this and other issues (random):

    • I'm almost happy from pbk/calendar/todo/notes quality and I almost switched my personal backups/restores from Gammu to Gammu+. This is not beta, but rather Release Candidate (when we compare to commercial packages).
    • I updated Gammu+ section and you see some more developer and user docs. In other words: see, how does it look and what profits it can give to you...

    Report 2007-03-14

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    I decided too, that Gammu bugs should be added to Michal's bug tracker. Expect disabling Gammu project in bug tracker on soon

    Report 2007-03-06

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    I would like to write here some more and less bitter and some good words about developing Open Source software. These are some random thoughs. This is based on own experiences, but not only... Sorry for grammar mistakes...

    Marcin Wiącek, March 2007

    I will try to answer on some questions:

    why people create Open Source software ?


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