What phone could be recommended by Gammu author(s) to make SMS gateway ?

The best is always the most simple device. So, I think that using Nokia 3310 or 3410 can be very good choice. They have removed some SMS bugs (for example, 3330 has buggy firmware - you have to flash it with 3310 firmware to avoid any problems). Especially 3410 is interesting - has got LiIon battery.

More expensive Nokia phones (with own SMS memory) are more complicated and using them is not always good idea (of course, Gammu can do it).

Report 2006-04-04

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In March there was domain lost and Italy server not bought for next year.

I started to search new place for this www. It's located now on provider server. I payed for one month - if there won't be problems with hosting, I will continue it.

The biggest problem was with moving this Wiki. In old place database was using latin1 to UTF8 conversion, in new it doesn't work. I had to convert database to real UTF8:

  • I imported database dump to my home MySQL installation

Report 2006-02-05

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After few days in bed I have a lot of power :-D :

  1. I started making real & actual manual for command line options.It will be put in the future instead of gammu.txt into source tarball.

    From technical details: page is created from many smaller Wiki subpages. The problem is, that normally (when you try to go inside it with internal Wiki link), page doesn't contains latest versions of subpages. You have to use full external link with ''action=purge'' on end like above.


'''Firmware''' is the phone's ''operating system'', the program which allows the phone to work.

A mobile phone is really just a computer which can handle voice communications between two (or more) users, and - just like any other computer - it needs programs to work. This is called the ''firmware''.

Why you should and why shouldn't buy Nokia phones (part 2) (2005)

I have prepared page "Why you should and why shouldn't buy Nokia phones" in 2002 year. I decided to make continuation now in 2005.

I wanted to show some weak Nokia things for Series 40 and 60 phones, because they're used the most for ordinary people.

First Series 40. We will look into menus now (based mainly on 6230i):

  • Messages - Nokia phones have MMS and SMS here.
    • Latest models (like 6230i) have even shared folders for both and this is good.

Dwa druty i już... (2002)

Kupiliśmy właśnie naszą wymarzoną "komórkę". Jest mała, ma dużo dzwonków, obrazków i wiele innych dodatków. Zaglądamy na stronę www naszego operatora. I....okazuje się, że wiele opcji (np. wgranie dzwonka czy obrazka) kosztuje 1 lub 2 PLN. Niby nic, ale my chcemy je zmieniać często. Nie da się taniej ?

Nadzieja dla Kontestatorów (2001)

Producenci telefonów komórkowych często dołączają do swoich produktów oprogramowanie umożliwiające obsługę większości funkcji aparatu z klawiatury komputera. Kłopoty zaczyną się wówczas, jeżeli nasz komputer nie korzysta z "jedynie słusznych" systemów operacyjnych: MS Windows lub Mac OS ...

Użytkownicy systemów BSD i Linux są w znacznie gorszej sytuacji. Jak dotychczas żaden producent "komórek" nie zdobył się na upublicznienie programów dla tych systemów. Życie jednak nie znosi próżni. Ponad 3 lata temu pojawił się Gnokii - projekt umożliwiający obsługę telefonów komórkowych Nokia w systemach uniksowych.

Why you should and why shouldn't buy Nokia phones (2002)

I write/update this page 21.11.2002. I decided to make this list and publish as separate subpage, because more and more people write me, that current Nokia products don't have this or other feature. I will try to show, which features are important for users and which can make problems. If you have in plans buying phone from this company, first just read this list...and don't say later, that I didn't warn...

First start from advantages of Nokia phones (why you should buy Nokia products):

    What phone could be generally recommended by Gammu author(s) ?

    It's difficult to say. Everyone needs something different according to own needs.


    If you want to be visible, buy 7650 or 9210. Very visible, very expensive, and parts for it are very expensive. Many small stability problems, no GPRS (in 9210). Weak battery in 7650.

    If you need phone for calls, no WAP, but requires extended pbk, buy 6210 or 6250 (second is for any weather and hard environment). Will be able to "repair" (flash) it - it repairs each phone in majority problems. These phones are very slow and has some other small problems.

    FAQ - monitor sieci w Nokiach DCT1 - DCT3 (część 7/7) (2002)


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