Report 2006-10-25

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Well, this page will be short...

New Gammu is ready. Included all known bugfixes, updated SMS source and some other. has got MediaWiki upgraded to 1.8.x tree. Almost everything (all extensions, functions, etc.) is updated. Please report, if there are any problems with it...

And now words, which were planned for this report:

Report 2006-10-23

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Many personal notes and joined with it notes about development...

  • new Gammu+ (for example SMS support for Series 40 3.0 phones) available. I planned it few days earlier, but... The same I planned new test Gammu in previous week, but still want to make some things with it...Please give me day or two (definitely I should make everything during this week)...
  • some good news are, that I have already latest Mandriva. It's time for bluetoothing (over dbus) and some other ;-)

Report 2006-10-06

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  • Gammu 1.08.07 is out
    • I would like to announce with pleasure, that I have started rewriting and completing Series 40 3.0 SMS reading. Many things are still magic, but you have at least much more info now...
    • GCC 4 is hacked for now (no warnings)
    • updated translations and license
    • added some bugfixes
    • included improved Mozilla support. It will be reviewed by me now and all fixes to it will be in next test release...
  • Gammu+ - almost ready new release. Expect it soon.

Report 2006-09-28

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  • week 18-24 September 2006 was started very good - each day=one release (18 Sep = Gammu stable, 19 Sep = Gammu+ test, 20 Sep = python-gammu, 21 Sep = Wammu)
  • I was looking deeply into earlier/currently available software and asking myself about some things. Some conclusions:
    • MyGnokii was created, because I wanted to play with owned phone. I didn't care too deeply about structures. Later I applied patches for not available for me phones (6210).
    • Gammu was created after thinking about structures.

Report 2006-09-18

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  • Gammu 1.08.00 is finally out. Small changes and fixes since 1.07.25 (for example added songs sorting with --nokiaaddplaylists, some fixes for Series 40 3.0), big changes since 1.07.00 (SMS for Series 40 3.0 and many others). I hope, I tested included changes good. If not, please report.
  • Gammu+ 0.07.00 should be available during this week (at least my developer tree).
  • I have started using more "Bug tracker"

Report 2006-08-17

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Time for new "gold ideas".

I notified, that many people stopped to believe into my work. I started analyzing last months and years. During weekend I returned into my roots too.

I though about many things.

For example, do you think, that Apple could make today own "different" computers in garage or IBM could release own opened PC ? Have you seen Apple advertisement "1984" or Steve Ballmer advertising Windows 1.x ?

Report 2006-07-30

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It was week of silence. Because of it I decided to write this report.

First I will say about facts - I was trying to explain reason of repeating Windows BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER. I had given up. Tomorrow my private PC will go to service. I hope, that they will do their job without additional problems, which are here visible in companies very often. Everything next will depend on it (especially on tomorrow day). I hope to explain some other things during this week too :-)

Report 2006-07-25

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  • Gammu 1.07.15 has been released today - it contains various fixes, improvements for new models, filesystem, etc. I also spent a lot of time on Symbian.
    • I moved content of Gammu:FAQ to other subpages. This is another step into making one big logic structure.
    • another one of my "old" Nokia pages moved to this Wiki - this one contains Nokia keypad codes

Nokia keypad codes (2006)

This page describes keypad codes in Nokia phones.

There are given numeric representation, but also codes using chars. How to read them ?

Look, where you have char on phone keypad and press numeric key connected with it. And the same for each next. Example: *efr0# = *3370#

Phone information

*#9999# *#170602112302# *#682371158412125#
*#3110# *#3810# *#5190# *#6120# *#837# *#6190# *#8110#

KMobileTools call for developers

Request from some developers moved here from

KMobileTools is a userfriendly GUI for accessing your mobile phone, using an own AT based engine and a gammu engine. It offers a nice API itself and will be directly integrated into KDE's PIM stuff.


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