Report 2007-09-10

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hmmm, I have "small" dilema. I was creating Gammu over years and tried to make it as simple as possible. Later decided to leave it a little (financial and other reasons) and give control over it to very good programmer Michal. Now I have downloaded it (1.13.90) and tried to compile.

And what ?

And I CAN'T. Michal, there are many new UNKNOWN directories, when I make "cmake CMakeLists.txt", I receive 41 vcp (Visual Studio makefile) files (including old one available in tar.gz). And they don't work too good...

Report 2007-09-02

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Holidays after me. Few comments:

Report 2007-07-30

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New test Gammu+ available. I have implemented encoding majority of phonebook & calendar support (over SMS), encoding WAP push and todo (over SMS too). Next will be preview of encoded entries, maybe editing too...

Yes. Editing. Do you think, that anyone need this software ? I'm thinking something, looking sometimes into gammu.org history and think, that it become maybe popular, but it's like ReactOS and many other (treat as toys).

What do you think ?

Report 2007-07-01

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There has been Gammu+ 0.28 released. There is promised shared MMS/SMS API inside and some other changes. This is still test release, but there is next big step into first stable version done. If somebody will want, I will allow for using it under GPL/LGPL3 (and this is not possible for Gammu without "+").

Report 2007-06-18

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Michal has just released new stable Gammu and I'm very happy from it (although in the same time I don't agree with some changes inside...). I have read some his older blog entries and have some comments too...

But let's start from beginning ;-). I have created final version of my diploma work and now I'm waiting for exam connected with it (all other connected with "real" studies were passed). In meantime I got job too (at least for now...).

Report 2007-06-04

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Do you know what ?

Michal speak about new API for Gammu and I have new idea too ;-). Currently MMS can have many files inside. Let's make decoding SMS using the same stuff.

Do you want to have text inside ? Add one "file" with "text/plain" MIME type. Nokia Smart Messaging bitmap ? One "file" with bitmap/gif... etc. etc.

Privacy in cellular devices

This article will contains various comments about privacy connected with cellular devices (in GSM networks)...

First of all, I must say, that you don't have something like that. Each time, when phone exchange data with operator stations, he know phone and SIM card details. If you have bought SIM card with concract, he know you personal info too. Of course this is not 100% reliable (phone can be not used by owner), but... This location data should be secret and the most often are. But now always...

nx6325 (2007)

Page moved from the gammu.org... Page was updated by me before June 2007 and later updated by other people on the gammu.org (I have marked it here by italic). This is rather in IRC or blog blog than article - you have been warned ;)

Currently new/used notebooks are cheaper and cheaper. If you want something for development, something 64 bit capable, you can consider the HP NX6325. We will describe problems with this family of notebooks here and give all kinds of possible tips...


Report 2007-05-20

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Well, I have decided to write few words after reading Michal's blog and some other... First facts.

  • some my blog entries aren't announced and not too many people reading them (example: previous from 15 may about standards was read by about 30 people up to today)

Cellular technology history (2006 - 2007)

This text was written mainly by Marcin Wiącek, one of main authors of the software presented here. Information here was written from the point of view and knowledge of a man living in Europe. It was collected from many (official and unofficial) sources and is provided only to give a more complete historical info.

This can be treat as blog, roadmap, some Nokia related story or many other things. You can choose the best interpretation here...and probably each one will be good.


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