I decided to compare a little bit 2007 and 2012 years...

Tizen SDK Larkspur 1.0 (2012)

Many years ago Windows systems were more popular. Microsoft created CHM then. It was compressed archive/file including HTML files (with CSS, Java Script, etc.) with additional TOC, indexes and similar things. I have used it for various purposes and even today it's possible to open and read many of these files. Example for it can be "The HTML Reference Library 4.0" (my conversion of original release prepared by Stephen Le Hunte).

Google Play - APN version 4 (2012)

This time short info. Yesterday I have found https://github.com/cyanogenmod/android_vendor_cm/blob/ics/prebuilt/commo... and http://wiki.cyanogenmod.com/wiki/APN_List files. Nice initiative, but I decided not to use it.

Reasons are simple:

How to hang FireFox ? (2012)

Small thing found few days ago, which hangs FF 11: file

When it will be fixed ? Look into https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox/+bug/970431

Gammu future ?

Michal Čihař:

as you probably noticed that I'm not so active here as I used to be, I've written down something about Gammu future on my blog: http://blog.cihar.com/archives/2012/01/27/future-gammu/?utm_source=ml

Marcin Wiącek (me):

Comment about Geimini - quo vadis Android... (2011, version 2.0)

The most popular desktop operating system is still Windows XP (it's visible in many reports and logs). Many people were complaining over years about problems with its' security (there were also written from time to time some very fast spreading viruses or worms using some bugs inside) or privacy (Microsoft was suspected and criticized for collecting some user data or statistics).

Comment about Geimini - quo vadis Android... (2011, version 1.1)

"New Android Trojan... It contains botnet capabilities... It's stealing many user data..." - many sites were writing such alarming notes about Geimini during last weeks (including Mobile-Review).


I wish all of you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. For people understanding Polish language small poem...

Why (not) Samsung ? Why (not) Android ? Few comments from using Samsung Galaxy S... (2010, version 1.01)

8/16 GB disk space, Bluetooth, Wifi, camera (or more precise: two), headphones 3,5 mm jack, microphone and speakers, micro-USB, micro-SD card reader, FM radio with RDS, graphic accelerator, internal modem. Is it new computer model ?

No - it's Samsung Galaxy S. 4" touchscreen, proximity sensor, big battery, Android and some other make, that it's probably the best phone released during this year... Samsung already sold more than 5 millions of units and is planning to sell 10 millions to the end of 2010. Is it ideal ?

gammu.org - some period is closed

Like promised I have closed gammu.org in current form.

Started 1 April 2005 under gammu.net address, in April 2006 was moved into current domain (gammu.org).

First in the form of static pages, later created using MediaWiki.

I was publishing there some non GSM texts too, tried to make some phone database with info about firmware changes, versions, pictures....

Big shame, but don't worry...

What next ?


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